Mateo Returns in my new novel... Also, Poetry

I've had a good week. Probably my best one in a long time. I got another interview lined up as a software developer, saw a lawyer (and it went well), got to visit with friends at a Steampunk festival, and on top of writing crappy poetry on twitter, I have finally started my next novel. I've also had a lot of time with my daughter. I've been busy and it feels good.
At steampunk fest. Steam not pictured.
I am still in the planning stage, and I don't normally talk about my stories at that point, but something funny happened today while researching for my next novel. I have a character I have put into two of my novels and one short story. He is slightly different in personality / backstory in every instance, but his name is Mateo. He is a wild card sociopath that launches cars at people as catharsis, a cannibal cult leader rampaging in hell, and a drug dealer that trades in fairy wings in another story. What's funny is that in my research into my next novel, his name popped up again.

Part of my Sci-Fi novel will be set during a historical Rome (Yes, I am writing historical science fiction), specifically around the time of the Bubonic plagues in the 17th century. One of the factions I am interested in is specifically the Capuchin Monks (because of the notorious Crypt of the Capuchin Monks), and guess who just happens to be the founder of this order? Matteo Serfaini. Yes, he has an extra T, but I still think it's a funny coincidence. Now I just have to make him a character in this novel, but I don't know if this one will be a cannibal.

Life has had its ups and downs, but it's nice to see some silver linings pop up. I'll send you off with a line from the new work in progress and two of my favorite poems I posted on twitter this week, where I also post excerpts from novels in progress. Enjoy!

From the novel:

This is the Crypt of the Capuchin monks.
See why I had to include it in my story?
In the crypt a trail of bones covered the wall in ornate patterns. At their center was a child skeleton wielding a scimitar made from the femur of an adult male. Above their heads, chandeliers made of human vertebrae held candles that lit the dark chamber with dancing light.

"The Fallen Leaves and Stays"

If I leave I break myself Protective measure Two ounces too short A pound of flesh in hand Can't bear to hear Growl Your obsession my dear Howl Love can't be forced I'm no Jedi Just a Luddite Obsessed with what I Can't have...

If I stay you break me Tease me Induce new feeling Drain through the ceiling Gravity reversing Pouring my heart Into the blender of your vampire eyes

"Ideal Eyes"

Compassionate Kind A beautiful mind Eyes of Not sun They glow divine Not drunk blind Just life high Lose my mind Do you exist Or idealized? I pedestal monsters Are you one? Please play nice And as for my thin skin Flay not mine