The Helheim Podcast - Meghan Pinson Talks Editing, Outlining, and Indie Publishing

The first full episode of my new podcast is up! It's called the Helheim Podcast. In the first episode I speak with Editor Meghan Pinson about editing, outling, indie publishing, and really anything I feel like. This is actually the second episode, but the first one is simply a primer explaining what the podcast is about. You can check that one out below as well. You can find Helheim on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Podbean and plenty of other places if you wish to subscribe.

About Meghan:

Meghan Pinson of My Two Cents Editing
Meghan Pinson provides expert editing, engaging critique, and fearless consulting to
authors of novels and nonfiction manuscripts through her agency, My Two Cents Editing.
She specializes in story development and author education.

 Listeners can get a sneak preview to My Two Cents Editing's Indie-Publishing Workbook by

Here is the intro podcast if you are curious about why the podcast is titled Helheim:


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